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Music in the soul can be heard by the universe - Lao Tzu

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Welcome to GBol Arts, George Bolger’s site dedicated to the arts of music and Taichi. George offers private instruction on Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, and Native American Flute, as well as custom music composition for video or any other need you may have. He also has CDs and digital downloads of original music available in different styles and instrumental settings, from soundtracks to ambient meditative soundscapes. In addition, he is available as a solo Jazz Guitarist for performances at your events and private parties.

George studied with many of the top jazz instructors in the Chicago area, and has been teaching and performing locally and out of state since 1972. His performance experience covers everything from big bands, to small groups, to solo performance. He is currently accepting a limited number of private students in the Tucson area. He also composes music in many different styles, some of which has been featured on instructional DVDs, in computer games, in group meditations world-wide and used as theme music for online broadcasts.

Taichi Symbol

George is also a Taichi instructor offering private and semi-private lessons. He is available for both in home sessions or on-site group instruction. He has recorded several CDs of music suitable for Taichi practice and meditation, or for those who would like something relaxing to listen to. This music has been used by Taichi instructors, acupuncturists and also has been featured on instructional DVDs and group meditations.

George was an instructor at Master Waysun Liao’s Taichi Tao Center for twenty one years, where he continued his Taoist training until 2015. He has been studying Taichi since 1986 and has had training in Single Form Temple Style Taichi, Two Person Practice, Taichi Sword, Knife, Staff and Spear, standing and seated meditation and Taoist studies. George currently gives private and semi-private lessons at his home in the Tucson area. He also conducts group classes and seminars both in and out of state.

Music and Taichi are in many ways similar arts. Both require dedication and sincerity in your practice in order to achieve good, long lasting results. Both are endless studies and the deeper you delve into them, the more you realize the life-long benefits that each has to offer. More importantly, through both, it is possible to benefit others in a positive manner, as well as improve yourself.

With that in mind, this site is dedicated to promoting both Music and Taichi, and through the articles in the Music and Taichi sections, giving some help and insight in order to further the understanding and study of both. Knowledge of any type bears a responsibility that those who come into possession of it must pass it on. If this site can help you to progress in either of these arts, then it has been successful in fulfilling that responsibility.