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Free Online Introductory Lesson

Free Online Lesson Information

These are indeed stressful times that we are all facing right now, and in response, I am offering free online introductory Taichi and Native Flute lessons to anyone who is interested. Lessons can be via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. The Native Flute Class will give a basic introduction to the Native American flute, and how to play some simple songs. The class duration is around one hour, and can be a private or group lesson. For further information, inquire by e-mail.

Mustang Flute

The Taichi Class will give an introduction to Temple Style Taichi, and also runs around one hour. It can be a private or group session, depending on what works best for you. Anyone who is interested can inquire by e-mail. I will plan on doing this for the Month of April, and will see where things are at that point. In the meantime, be well and hang in there.

Blue Dragon