Music in the soul can be heard by the universe - Lao Tzu


About Music
George Bolger

This section of the site is devoted to the musical pursuits that George is currently involved in as well as all of his music releases, available as a digital download. In addition to giving private lessons on guitar, bass guitar, Native American flute, and keyboards, he is a solo Jazz guitarist and composer of music in a wide range of styles. He also conducts workshops on improvisation as well as MIDI and digital recording.

Whether you are looking for private music lessons or wish to hire a solo Jazz guitarist for your private party or event, George is an excellent choice. He has been teaching and performing since 1972, and has played in a wide range of styles and settings, from solo Jazz guitar all the way up to Big Bands, in clubs, at weddings and for private parties.

He is also available as a composer should you need some music for a video soundtrack or other specialized purpose. Samples of the work he has done for instructional videos and other projects can be found in the Music store, or on the Performance page.

The Music store has all of his Music releases to date for sale with complete track listings and sound samples so that you can preview each Album. All music is now also available on iTunes as digital downloads, or directly on the Music Store page. You can also hear his music on Spotify or Apple Music.

Music has been described as the universal language. It can communicate any mood or emotion and to the serious practitioner, is a life-long study. Jazz in particular gives an unparalleled freedom of expression, that goes beyond theory and rules. The art of improvisation in any style gives the player the ability to stretch their technique, ideas, and ability. Through improvisation, you can paint a musical picture, but one that is unique each time you do it.

"Why read music?" is an often asked question, especially by beginning guitar students. Reading music is important for many reasons. One of the most important is that, reading music gives you access to all of the music that has come before, in any style. To be a complete musician, you should study what others have done before you, no matter what the style or instrument. In this way you can go beyond the bounds of your chosen style and develop a truly unique voice on your instrument, something that is very difficult to do. Like a language, you should be able to read, write and speak it in order to be fluent.

First and foremost, music is an art. It is a creative art that can let the player, no matter what their instrument, express themselves through either playing written music, or better yet, creations of their own. The skills of composing and improvisation allow this kind of creativity to come through in a truly unique manner, enabling the musician to communicate any mood or emotion.

Through his teaching, composing and performance, George promotes all of these aspects of music, and encourages his students to do the same. Each student is encouraged to develop their own musical voice in the style of their choice. Exposure to all styles of music is an important part of this process, as well as being able to read music, and the development of good technique and practice habits.