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Three Dan Tian Meditation Practice

George at a Seminar

This month we will go over a meditation practice for charging the three Dan Tians. As we come into Spring, it will help your practice to get these important points open and charged up. Then as you move into the Spring months and the Yang energy rises, you will be able to get the most out of your practice.

Begin by getting into a stance between Preparation and Beginning. Make sure you have done some flow practice before starting, so that you have your energy moving nicely and you are relaxed completely. Circle the arms back down and around to bring the centers of the palms over your Lower Dan Tian. Connect these three points together to focus your mind in this area. Each time you inhale, feel as if there is a ball in this area that is getting larger each time you inhale. Let this ever larger ball push out your hands from the Dan Tian a little farther each time, until you can bring a Taichi Ball out of the Dan Tian and hold it in front of you. Then hold the Ball there and meditate, keeping the centers of the palms lined up. Expand the ball and rise as you inhale, contract the ball and sink as you exhale. Keep the Lower Dan Tian connected to the center of the Taichi Ball.

Next, slowly drop the ball downward, and once again circle the hands down, back and around in a gathering motion. Continue repeating this twice more, the last time, bringing the hands together once again in a Taichi Ball, but this time, in front of the Upper Dan Tian. The tips of the fingers should be pointed up and the elbows dropped. As before, you want to line up the centers of the palms. In addition you want to connect your upper Dan Tian, and the centers of the two palms with the center of the Taichi Ball. Try and feel the center of the ball connecting with all three of these points. Here again you inhale and rise expanding the ball, exhale and sink, contracting the ball. Try and feel the Upper Dan Tian, let it open up and go out to that center point.

Having meditated here for a while, drop the ball downward slowly, and do the gathering motion again three times. Each time you gather, if you do not feel a good, substantial Ball, then continue gathering until you do. Finish by bringing a Taichi Ball in front of your Middle Dan Tian. The same principles apply again in terms of the palms being lined up, fingertips pointing up, and elbows dropped. The Middle Dan Tian and palms should again connect with the center of the circle. Concentrate on that center point, really feel the connection. Meditate until you can feel this strongly, and make sure you stay focused on the connection point.

The last step is to repeat the gathering process three times again again, this time, very slowly pulling the Ball into your Lower Dan Tian. Again, connect the centers of the palms with the Lower Dan Tian, and very slowly put the Taichi Ball back into the Lower Dan Tian. As we did last month to finish, when the hands are just about to touch the torso, stop the hands, but keep the Ball going in and shrinking down into the Lower Dan Tian area, making sure you keep it here and not in your hands. Meditate here and let your system calm down and absorb the energy that you have generated before ending your session. If you have trouble getting it all to absorb back in, you can bring the ball out and do some slow meditative practice, then try again.

Remember that how long you meditate is not as important as the quality of your meditation. Only practice for as long as you can, and still keep your focus and concentration. This meditation not only helps to both charge and open up the three Dan Tians, but will also raise the level of awareness in these three areas, which is key to your Taichi practice. Pace yourself and work diligently with this, and you will see a big improvement in your form practice.