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Advanced Taichi Ball Meditation

George at a Seminar

In a past article we talked about the importance of Taichi Ball practice, and last month we did a Two Person Taichi Ball practice. This month let’s take that a step further, with a more advanced Taichi Ball Meditation that will expand on the three Dan Tian meditation that we did earlier.

Start the same way we did before, hands over the Dan Tian and bring out a Taichi Ball and meditate with it in front of the Dan Tian, until you have a good, strong Taichi Ball. Now, letting the ball move you, raise and lower the ball up and down your center line, from the Upper Dan Tian to the Lower Dan Tian. The important thing here is to make sure that the ball is moving your hands up and down, not the other way around. Keep doing this until you are really feeling the ball move you.

When you have a good strong flow going, stop as you go up, and hold the ball in front of the upper Dan Tian. Meditate here making sure that, the centers of the palms are lined up and beaming toward each other through the center of the Taichi Ball. Also, make sure that your Upper Dan Tian is connected with the center of the ball. Focus on that common point in the center of the ball as you meditate. The smaller you can make that central point, the better. Like the three Dan Tian meditation, this is working on opening the Upper Dan Tian.

After meditating this way for a while, lower the ball until it is in front of the Middle Dan Tian. Observe the same points here as at the Upper Dan Tian, centers of palms and Middle Dan Tian concentrated on the center point of the Taichi Ball. Beam out of the palms and Middle Dan Tian to that center point. Concentrate on that point, making sure you are relaxed and breathing naturally. Here you are working on opening up the Middle Dan Tian.

Finish this segment by lowering the ball down in front of the Lower Dan Tian. Through all this keep the palm alignment, and as you get to the Lower Dan Tian, once again, beam out from there into the center of the ball. Palms and Dan Tian should all connect to this point, and then meditate. Make sure you keep your focus and do not let the mind wander. Feel the energetic connection of these points as you meditate.

When you have meditated there for a while, you want to move on to the next segment by bringing your hands under the Taichi Ball. Let the Taichi Ball float upward, bringing your hands with it. Then, let the ball sink, bringing your hands around it, until they are on top, and let the ball sink down. As it comes back up, again bring the hands around and underneath, letting it rise again. Keep following the ball as it rises and sinks, hands under as it rises, over when it sinks. Make sure it is the ball that is moving, not your hands.

After following the ball for a while, when it rises, stop and meditate, arms up and out 45°, holding the ball up. Feel the connection up through your crown point, through the center of the ball. Connect to the yang sky energy and feel the crown point open up as you meditate. Let the Taichi Ball get as big and dense as you can imagine as you meditate. Again stay relaxed and focused, breathing naturally, mind calm and clear.

Bring the hands around the sides of the ball again as it sinks, and let it go down, hands on top, until the arms are down and out 45°. Feel the connection with the yin Earth energy through the fingertips and the "bubbling well" points in the feet. Feel the points in the feet open up as you meditate. Let the ball once again get as large as you can imagine, and notice the difference in the yin Earth energy as you connect.

Once again, bring the hands around the sides of the ball, but this time, keep them on the sides of the ball and let it rise to the Middle Dan Tian. Bring the palms around the back of the ball, fingertips pointing up and forward 45° and hold it in front of you. Hold as large and dense a ball as you can out in front of you as you meditate.

To finish, bring the palms around and behind the ball, and very slowly, bring the ball back into the lower Dan Tian, meditating on that point. Make sure that you bring all of the energy that you have just generated back into that point. Go into as small a point as you can imagine while doing this to insure that you bring all the energy in.Stay here until you are sure you have concentrated it all in that point and then slowly, bring the palms away to complete your practice.