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George at a Seminar

As we approach the end of the year, (2011) and prepare to enter the New Year, there has been much talk about changes, many groups doing World Peace, and other types of meditations, and I would like to show how Taichi practice fits into all of this. It is important to understand that in order for these meditations to be effective, and to be sensitive enough to understand the changes we go through all of the time, not just recently, your energy has to be at a high enough level. Many who do these meditations, or talk about these changes, do not have a practice to get their energy to this level, lessening the effects of their efforts.

Remember that first and foremost, Taichi is moving meditation. What exactly does this mean, and what are the benefits to a meditator? First, meditation is not a static process. The idea is not to cease all activity and go completely blank. You need meditation to work on your energy, but meditation alone is not enough. You need motion in order to get your energy flowing. This is very difficult to do in a static posture. You have to get your energy to flow in order for it to grow stronger and more dense. This is vital to not only your health, but to your spiritual growth as well.

You need the meditation to calm and focus your mind. This will enable you to focus on your energy, purifying it, which in turn will raise the frequency of your energetic vibration. The more pure your energy, the finer and higher the vibration. If you want your meditation to be effective, you have to be operating from a high vibrational frequency. Think of it like this, anger, is something everyone can feel from another. Why? Because it is at a very low vibrational frequency. If you are aiming for real results, be it World Peace or any other higher ideal you have, you have to get your vibrational frequency to a point where it can be effective in those higher vibrational realms.

The level of concentration that you develop through your moving meditation practice, will in turn, help you to develop a high level of sensitivity, first, to your own physical and mental state, and then, as you progress, to the changes in the energy as a whole, so that you can be more in tune with everything around you. Good and bad in terms of change are just man-made labels that we put on things. You want to look at things as just being what they are, without judgement or labels. Not at all an easy task, but truly in tune with change. To feel these changes, and flow with them requires very pure energy, and a great level of calm and sensitivity.

These same principles apply to healers and spiritual readers. In these practices, if not properly trained, you are at risk of absorbing the lower level energy frequencies of your client, thus pulling down your energy. This will result in decreased effectiveness in your healing or readings, and in some cases over time, affect your own physical and spiritual health. Think of it like a painter who never cleans their brushes. Over time their ability to paint will become extremely diminished. In the higher levels of practice, know as Tao Gong meditation, you are trained in the drain, compress and charge sequence to clear these lower level energies, as well as recharge yourself.

Having done enough years of moving meditation practice, then even in more static postures, you will be very busy, because internally, you now will have the tools to effectively move your energy. So while it may look like you are not doing much, if anything on the outside, inside you are in fact very busy, your energy flowing freely, and that is true meditation. At this point you will be able to do effective standing and seated postures. Without the proper training these are just not as effective. The level of vibration and sensitivity will just not be there, so no matter how well intentioned, the goal of the meditation will not be reached.

Taichi then, is a great practice for helping you advance along the path to your energetic goals. As I have said in previous articles, there are many ways to approach these goals, and ultimately, you will have to find what works for you. In the end, we all have something to contribute to the overall good, each in our own way. If the art of Taichi can further that for you, and you seek out a teacher to study with,then I wish you well in your studies, This can only help to move you in a positive direction, something that in these recent difficult times is much needed. I wish you all the happiest of lives, and hope that the New Year brings us all energetic growth and peace. May the Tao bless you all.