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George Bolger started his studies of Taichi in 1986, and was an Instructor at Master Waysun Liao’s Taichi Tao Center from 1995 to 2011, where he continued his studies at an advanced level until 2015, when he moved to the Tucson area. He has received training at the Center in Single Form Meditative practice and auxiliary weapons training, Chi Gong and Dao Gong meditation forms and advanced Daoist training.

Classes focus on Temple Style Single Form Practice, and the development of internal energy flow, to aid in relaxation and the development of good health. Some of the health benefits of Taichi are relief from insomnia, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, aches and pains, an over-active mind, and stress, as well as increased flexibility and improved balance. Each form is explained in detail and then the student is encouraged to practice daily in order to internalize the movement. Every student works at their own pace and progresses at what ever rate they feel most comfortable. The goal is steady meaningful progress, rather than quantity of forms learned. Or to put it another way, quality of practice is more important than quantity.

George currently specializes in private and semi-private classes in his home studio in the Tucson area by appointment. Classes for beginners consist of a 30 minute warm-up, followed by detailed form instruction. More advanced classes cover advanced principles of the forms, Two Person practice, auxiliary training in Taichi sword, knife, and staff and standing and seated meditation. Currently, times are available by appointment Monday thru Saturday. George is also available for in-home, on-site private or group instruction, online classes, and weekend seminars, or group classes at your Yoga Center, Spa or Holistic Healing Center. Please contact George by e-mail for more details on classes, or any other questions you may have.

Lesson Options
Introduction to Taichi and Dao Gong

This six week course is an introduction to Single Form Taichi and basic Dao Gong practice. Students will be introduced to the basics of Single Form practice and Dao Gong, and learn a short series of forms that they can practice daily, to help maintain health and reduce stress. This class is available for private, semi private, in home or group instruction. The cost is a one time fee of $60.00 per person or $120.00 per person, in home, within a half hour drive of the Catalina area. If you would like to offer this to a group at your location, inquire by e-mail.

Private Sessions

A private session is a one on one lesson that varies in format, based on the level of the student, and the material being covered. Private sessions are designed for those wanting more detailed personal instruction than can be had in a class environment. Private sessions start at $30.00 per class for beginners, or $60.00 per class for in-home instruction within a half hour drive of the Catalina area.

Semi-Private Sessions

A semi-private session is the same as a private session in terms of the way the class is conducted. It is designed for those who cannot afford a private session, but still want more individual attention than a class can afford. In addition, the student has the advantage of a practice partner for the Two Person Forms. Semi-private sessions start at $15.00 for each person per class. In home semi-private sessions within a half hour drive of the Catalina area are $60.00 per class for beginners.

Group Lessons

Group classes are usually one to two hour classes and follow the same warm-up, instruction format as the private sessions. Two Person Practice is also part of the group classes. For groups of four or more classes are $15.00 per person, or $60.00 per month if paid monthly. Group instruction in advanced principles or auxiliary training are also available. If you would be interested in Taichi classes at your Spa, Holistic Center, Yoga Center, or other location, inquire by e-mail.

Online Lessons

All of the above classes are also available online, via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, or any other platform you may prefer. The cost is the same as above, as are the classes. For more details, contact me by email .