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Having completed all of the Single Forms, as well as the the three section Taichi Form, the next step in the student’s training is to move on to the Taichi weapons, or Auxiliary training. The Single Form practices are like the frame of a house, and the Auxiliary training is like the siding, windows, and other trim to complete the house. These are not "weapons forms" but rather extensions of your energy practice, designed to strengthen and enhance your energy flow. All of these can also be used in Two Person Practice.

Currently, Classes on Taichi Sword, Knife, Staff and other Auxiliary Training are available in the Tucson area. If you have an indoor location where you would like to offer this class, see the contact information below. The cost of the class is $30.00 per person. Ability to perform the Long Form preferred, or some comparable experience. For more details, inquire by e-mail.

George in Large Quasar Star Form
Taichi Sword

The Taichi sword is a flexible, double edged sword, generally unsharpened for practice purposes. It is important to get a sword that is flexible along the whole length of the blade, as well as being well balanced. If possible, consult a qualified instructor to help you locate a good source to purchase your sword from.

The Taichi Sword is associated with the water element, and is a very graceful, flowing form. Practicing this form will teach you to flow the energy outside of your body to the tip of the sword, as well as feel the vibration of the energy. The training will also help you to develop greater sensitivity to the flow and vibration of the internal energy. This is a natural next step after your Single Form practice. It is generally recommended that you have completed the three section Long Form, before starting Taichi Sword training as many of the concepts and movements learned in the Long Form are required to learn the Sword Form. For more information see the Taichi Sword article in the Notes Archive.

George with Taichi Knife
Taichi Knife

The next step in your auxiliary training journey is Taichi Knife, also known as the Taichi Broadsword. A good Taichi Knife is very difficult to find, as you want one that weighs about six pounds, and, as is required of the sword, is well balanced. These are also unsharpened for practice purposes. As with the Taichi Sword, a qualified instructor may be able to help you locate a source to purchase from.

The Knife Form is associated with the element metal. This form features very dynamic movements, and due to the weight of the knife, teaches you to use the whole body in your movements, not just your arm. To do this, all movement must originate from the Dan Tian, and be driven by the waist, an essential concept to master in your Taichi practice. The Knife also improves your Single Hand Push practice, as many of the requirements for doing the Knife Form correctly are directly related to Single Hand Push practice. More details can be found in the article on Taichi Knife in the Notes Archive.

George with Staff
Taichi Staff & Spear

The exercises for the Taichi Staff and Spear are the same. The staff is shorter than the spear and vibrates at the tip, where the spear is longer, has a point and tassel on the tip, (see picture at the top of the page), and vibrates in the center. These are generally made out of wax wood, and tend to be easier to obtain. Once again, try to consult a qualified instructor for a source, as well as instructions on how to treat the wood once you purchase one.

The staff and spear are designed to develop power. The staff is associated with wood, and the spear with fire. Using these helps develop a strong vibration over distance in a very focused manner. Like the other types of Auxiliary Training, these both will improve your energy flow and sensitivity. See the article on Staff and Spear in the Notes Archive for more information.

Tzun Tiao

This is a small stick made out of a material similar to rattan, (see picture at the top of the page). They are small, extremely flexible sticks, and the exercises using them are focused on working on energy vibration. This particular material is very difficult to locate, but a qualified instructor may be able to help you locate something suitable to use for the exercises.

More details can be found in the Tzun Tiao Section of the Other Auxiliary Training article in the Notes Archive.