GBol Arts

Wizard's Ashes

Balance and Harmony Album
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Volume 1

Track   1: Wizard's Ashes

Track   2: Ingrid Victoria's Theme

Track   3: Royal Vacation House

Track   4: Lindgren Village

Track   5: Hall of Inventions

Track   6: Katt's Cove

Track   7: Moles!

Track   8: Grotto Beach - Underwater

Track   9: Carnival

Track   10: Captive Mermaid

Track   11: Snake Charmer

Volume 2

Track   1: Demon's March

Track   2: Dojo Scene

Track 3: Azure Forest

Track 4: Tarot Reader

Track 5: Lily Pond

Track 6: Magical Mushrooms

Track 7: Swamp of Vortexes

Track 8: Hermit of Holmgeirr

Track 9: Vardlokkur's Castle

Track 10: Cemetery of St. Ophelia

Track 11: End Game